About Us

Learn more about what Eucalyptus Labs is all about

Eucalyptus Labs Core Values

Integrity: Committed to highest security standards and inhouse accountability

Alignment: Ensure alignment between users, products, and our team

Self-Directed Responsibility: We take initiative and lead with self-directed responsibility

Growth through Learning: Focus on active learning and constant experimenting to find best solutions

Celebrating the Journey: We celebrate our team, lift each other up, and have fun!

Eucalyptus Labs is a team of talented creators, brilliant engineers, and impressive innovators. Though Eucalyptus Labs is only turning 1 this year, many of our team members have been working together for close to a decade, proving their skills day in and day out.

Company Mission

Our mission is to connect everyday consumers and emerging blockchain technologies by launching extraordinary products.

Labs is in our name, and at the core philosophy of Eucalyptus. When exploring blockchain and the products we create together, we allow our team the resources and time to develop the best products and most successful outcomes in any market or trend season. Working at Eucalyptus Labs, we promote a globally remote culture which we maintain together every day. We are a truly global organization with a remote team of 15+ people across 10+ countries. This diverse culture assembled across the world allows a wide perspective when developing our products, or even considering challenges that may come about in different markets/locations. Communication and engagement with an international team is imperative to support our ethos, and we send lots of pet photos.

Meet our founders, Angelos Leoussis, Tim Molter, and Koby Lazar. Between them they have more than 27 years of blockchain and cryptocurrency experience. Joining them, management team Michelle Lachut, Brendon Spencer, and Chris Allan. They don't just tell the crypto trends and myths - they put them to the test.

The initial team of Eucalyptus Labs rejoins forces after many years working together on a previous product used by millions across the world. Notably, its members have been working together since 2016 and individually in crypto or related fintech for many years prior. With a clear vision of company culture and products, the company is employee owned and strives to provide the best employee profit sharing, benefits, and culture.